During my time at NoPressureStudios, I witnessed the team's dedication to creating high-quality content for children on the website Poki. As an indie game development studio, they were focused on delivering engaging and entertaining games that would captivate their young audience.

Crazy Cars!

Crazy Cars is a colorful open world sandbox racing game!
Collect stars, wrenches or co​mpete in races to purchase new and exciting cars!Take any car to your destination and start exploring, stunting or racing. 

At my time at ​NoPressureStudios, I had the chance to work on Crazy Cars. This is an awesome car game where I did most of the programming. It was great working together with my superior at the time, and I had an awesome drive for creating more content and working hard on the project.

Working on the game, I've learned a lot.

  • Data handling
  • Working with instances
  • Creation of reusable code
  • Debugging and troubleshooting complex programming problems
  • Optimizing the game's performance to run smoothly on a variety of hardware configurations
  • Programming in javascript

Additional responsibilities

During my time at ​NoPressureStudios, I had the opportunity to work on another game where I created a level generator and reusable code for future projects. Additionally, I collaborated with other interns to update a game while being supervised, allowing me to develop my TypeScript skills.