VR Owl specializes in creating VR, AR, and 360-degree content for various applications, including recruitment, training, marketing, and sales. The team includes skilled developers, 3D artists, and video makers who work collaboratively to produce high-quality content.


During my internship at VR Owl, I had the opportunity to work on several projects, each with unique responsibilities and learning experiences.

Firstly, I was tasked with completing a VR experience for a client. This involved managing data and ensuring its accessibility for the client. I successfully completed the project and delivered an engaging VR experience to the client.

Secondly, I worked on a project to create a paramana tour for another client. This project provided me with an opportunity to learn and develop my skills as a developer with support from the VR Owl team.

Following this, I had the chance to work on an AR raffle game for a different client, where I successfully completed the project and gained valuable experience in business programming.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of working on an AR project where I had the opportunity to develop the app from scratch.
 I was able to showcase my improvement and implement business programming concepts, resulting in a successful project outcome.

Moreover, I worked on an internal tool for VR Owl's 3D team to improve their workflow in Unity. Although it was a challenging project, I was able to create a useful tool that was well-received by the team.

Overall, my time at VR Owl was a valuable learning experience, where I gained a wide range of skills and knowledge that I can use throughout my career.